Maxing and Relaxing: How to Pull Off the Maxi Look in the Office

by Sherria

I have mixed feelings about wearing Maxi dresses in the office. Throughout the years, I’ve always viewed maxi dresses as a more casual outfit (i.e., to cover up on the beach, family picnics, etc).  However, Jackie and I took snapshots of two co-workers who wore maxi dresses in the office last year. I must say, I felt like those young ladies brought summer to the office (in a good way). Sometimes sitting in an office can seem so boring. I get tired of seeing people wear the same bland suits and khakis. So, seeing someone wear a maxi dress was a nice surprise. However, I don’t think you should overdo it. If you wear a maxi dress one time to the office during the summer, I think that’s enough. I wouldn’t wear it all the time. I would also suggest wearing it on casual Friday. If I’m only in my 20’s and view maxi dresses as a bit casual, just imagine what your boss may think. I thought I would put together a few tips on how to make your maxi dress more work appropriate.

 Quick Tips

1)      Make sure your dress isn’t see-through. If so, wear a slip underneath to avoid anyone seeing your underwear.

2)      Instead of a maxi dress, you can opt for a long light pleated skirt.

3)      Cover up on top. Your cleavage should not show. Sometimes the bands at the top of a maxi dress can push your boobs up. If so, don’t wear that particular dress

4)      To cover up your arms, wear a light blazer.

5)      Make sure your dress stops at your ankles. You don’t want to trip up the steps.


Maxi Office Look: (Blazer: Top Shop $100; Skirt: Dorothy Perkins 28GBP* ; Tank Top: Old Navy $6). *I found a skirt just like this at a random store in Soho NYC for $25. You can shop around at almost any female clothing store and find a long flowing skirt this season. Make sure to wear a slip underneath. You wouldn't want your co-workers peeking at your undies!

What’s your fantasy?

by Sherria

Since it has been quite gloomy here in D.C. for the last couple of days, I cannot wear sandals so it’s time to break out the flats.  I look in my closet and what do I see? The same black flats that I have been wearing since last year.  I am in terrible need of a shoe shopping spree.  I have always loved the cute leather flats with the gold T on the front of the shoe. Who makes that shoe? Oh, yeah Tory Burch! But, let’s face facts right now, not everyone has $125 or more to spend on a pair of flats. I went into Monkee’s (clothing, shoes, and accessories shop) with my mom last month and saw the cutest Tory Burch Flats. I hadn’t seen them in any other store; they looked like alligator skin and they were navy blue. I saddened to walk out of the store empty handed. But I realize that I have other priorities (i.e. student loans), which would make it insane to spend so much money on one pair of shoes.  Right now, my budget for shoes is set within the ALDO price range. I must admit, that isn’t too bad. I really like the variety of colors offered for most of their shoe collections. I went online at and saw some flats that I may go to the store any try on. Check it out below.

The dream:

I love the variety of colors! Silver would have been my first choice 🙂

The reality:

KANOZA flat (Aldo shoes, $70)

MOSTYN flat (Aldo shoes, $19.98)

When in Rome…

by Jackie

My battle against my sinuses continues, but I woke up this morning refusing to let allergies slow me down. It’s a gorgeous day out, so I picked out my new tunic dress and decided to at least pretend that I feel better.

I have always loved tunics. They gained huge popularity a few years ago with the likes of the fab Tory Burch breathing life into the Roman-inspired style. Tunics are easy to wear, flatter many shapes and sizes, and come in tons of different prints.

Today’s Style Inspiration

My tunic dress from New York & Co. will take me through the hot and humid DC days.  Clingy clothes don’t really work well in the heat.  Nothing beats the breezy comfort of this frock.