Congratulations Bridget!

Congratulations Bridget!

A*cute reader Bridget is the lucky winner of our fab giveaway!



by Jackie


I’m still on my shopping fast (ok, I bought like eight a couple pairs of shoes, but bear with me here), so I’ve been shopping my closet and only buying small pieces to update my wardrobe. I picked up a printed scarf for about $10 at H&M a couple of months ago in anticipation of the fall. A simple knot took a plain button-down shirt and pencil skirt to a whole other level.

One of my Instagram fashionistas decided to copy the look and made it her own with a full skirt:

Check out @enigma_tic1’s rendition of the look!



Falling Back in Love with the District

by Jackie

“When something itches my dear sir, the natural tendency is to scratch.” — The Seven Year Itch

Ten years ago in my freshman dorm room. Excuse the picture quality, this is before iPhones existed.

I never intended to stay here. DC was supposed to be a temporary stop away from New York, lasting only as long as it took for me get a degree. Then, I decided to get another. Then, I landed my first job. One thing led to another, and somehow, I’ve been here nearly ten years — long enough to get a DC-issued driver’s license, become a DC-registered voter, and incorporate the occasional “joanin” to my vocabulary. Though I love my friends and the experiences I’ve had here, I was getting the “itch” to try something new.

After a short adventure,  (Thank you, Charlotte) I resolved to try to rekindle the romance with the District and have as many adventures as possible in the city that has become my home (away from home).

Eastern Market

A short walk from its namesake metro station, Eastern Market is a cute scene that’s a warm break from DC’s Romanesque architecture. I almost forgot where I was.

Shopping is usually enough inspiration to get me out of the house, but add good food to that, and it’s a party. Though Eastern Market is a DC staple, my recent trip was my first. After grabbing a yummy crab cake sandwich at Market Lunch, I picked up some local produce, and snagged a necklace in my favorite color for next to nothing.

Pearl Dive

Whenever I want to pretend that I’m on a getaway at a marina, I can just take a 10-minute trip up the road to Pearl Dive. Fueling my obsession with seafood, this restaurant is fast becoming a fave in my book, and my tummy.


Of course, my ultimate escape is a good book, and my book club — the Bookettes — makes sure that I am always on an interesting literary adventure. I was excited to be our recent group leader. Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl is a multi-layered, multi-narrator suspense novel that deceives you at every turn.

Jackie Lately

by Jackie

I’ve been working hard and playing hard lately. Everything seems to be going by so fast.

First, I’d like to congratulate the Class of 2012! I am blessed to know so many talented people that have completed a chapter in their academic journey. Aside from weddings, graduations are my favorite family/friend event. It’s not only a time to celebrate the graduate’s accomplishments, but another excuse to reunite with loved ones.

I was excited to catch up and celebrate with one of my faves, Jennifer Gore. She earned her Masters in Public Policy and will be taking over the world in no time.

I am overly slightly obsessed with Instagram. I love going through my timeline and seeing bits and pieces of my friends’ lives and enjoy following some of my fave celebs. I also like capturing tiny moments of my life and making them my own with the fun filters.  Check out some of my latest pics, and find me @jax1125. I want to follow you, too!

Brunch at the Beacon Bar and Grill with A*cute cofounder Sherria and dolls Toushi and Jennifer. Catching up is always fun, catching up over bottomless mimosas is even better!

I’ve been trying fun self-manis. I’m in love with color blocking.

Birchbox gained a new subscriber. I am looking forward to trying out these goodies, and will admit that I was excited that my first box was Gossip Girl themed.  #TeamB

DC’s favorite Southern gentleman and one of my fave friends, Travis Burgin, celebrated his pre-birthday with a rooftop happy hour recently. It was a great time! Happy Birthday Travvy!

Leadership for Teen Girls

Guest Post by Tia Dolet

Crittenton Services of Greater Washington’s 124th Anniversary High Tea was a beautiful ceremony that celebrated the accomplishments of local teen girls and the professional women they look up to. Through the Crittenton Leadership Academy, the girls had been preparing for this event for months by learning the fundamentals of hosting, networking, dressing professionally and even table etiquette. In the end, their hard work paid off! I thoroughly enjoyed this year’s High Tea and, as an alumnae of Crittenton’s programs, was so proud of the poise and grace these ladies showed. The crowd was filled with so many professionals from all over the country who came out to support the young ladies of the programs. The highlight of the event of the event was definitely watching the honorees receive their awards.They delivered such powerful speeches and were an inspiration to all in attendance!

Honorees included: Soledad O’Brien (CNN Anchor), Linda Gooden (EVP, Lockheed Martin), Deborah Taylor Tate (ITU Special Envoy and Lauereate for Child Online Protection), and Marlen Esparza (National Boxing Champion and 2012 Olympic Hopeful).

Guest Speaker: Soledad O’Brien

Tia Dolet is an Actress, Singer, and Comedian from the Greater Washington DC area. She currently stars in “Raisin in the Sun” as Ruth. You can attend the play at the Bay Theatre Company in Annapolis, MD until  Saturday, June 2.

Ask A*cute: What to expect at the A*cute Clothing Exchange

by Jackie

We’re so excited!

Sherria and I cannot wait to host the A*cute Clothing Exchange & Trunk Show next Saturday! Judging from your messages, many of you are excited, too! Some of you had some questions, so here are the answers:

What if my clothes/accessories are outdated?

One [wo]man’s trash is another [wo]man’s treasure. When it comes to a clothing exchange, this old adage could not be truer. You may think something is out of style, but someone else with a new perspective could pair your item with a piece from their wardrobe and make a new outfit. Style is often recycled. A fresh pair of eyes and some imagination can turn your something old into someone else’s something stylish.

I donated all of my clothing last year to include it in my taxes. Can I still participate?

Yes. Anyone who purchases a ticket will be able to browse the exchange items and shop the trunk show.

Is the event only for women?

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate.

I want to support, but can’t make the event.

That’s easy. Buy a ticket. Proceeds will go towards Crittenton Services of Greater Washington, an organization dedicated to strengthening the ability of young women to achieve their goals.

If you have any questions about the event, email us at or tweet @AcuteConsulting! See you next week!