Feminine Flare


by Sherria 

I’m at a loss for words when it comes to describing the weather on the East Coast. One day it’s cold and rainy, the next day it’s sunny and warm. Instead of pulling out the winter coat I have buried in my closet, I’ve decided to play each day  by ear. However, I always believe in being prepared. For the colder fall days, a winter coat may be fitting.

I love wool coats with that flair out at the bottom. I went to Macy’s to try on a few coats. The blue three-quarter sleeve coat was perfect! I love how feminine it looks. The last cream coat at the bottom is hard to come by. It’s actually a rain coat. I can’t remember the last time I wore a rain coat…probably 4th grade. But, this Steve Madden rain coat is very sophisticated. The olive-colored coat from ASOS is quite common. I’ve seen a lot of women wearing the same cut. If you are looking for a traditional wool coat with a flair, this one is the way to go.

Let us know your thoughts. What kind of coat are you wearing this fall and winter?

Tahari Jacket, Three-Quarter-Sleeve Faux-Fur-Collar, $119

ASOS Fit and Flare Belted Coat, $123.13

Steve Madden Coat, Flared Raincoat Faux-Leather Belt, $119.98


Where’s Winter?

by Jackie | Photos by AlmeniaJPhotography

This winter has an identity crisis. With bleak 30-degree mornings turning into sunny 60-degree afternoons, it can be difficult to figure out whether to bundle up or dress light. I have been wearing layered outfits so that I can be comfortable in any temperature.

Here are my bipolar winter essentials:

The Floppy Hat.

It not only keeps my head warm and protects my hair from cold winds, but it also shades my eyes from the sun. Hats are also an inexpensive and fun way to update outfits and disguise evil bad hair days.

The Faux Fur Vest.

Worn under a coat, it’s insulation against cold temps. Worn alone, it’s a hot statement piece. It has become part of my indoor/outdoor uniform.

The Over-The-Knee Boot.

Tall boots are the ultimate way to pump up the volume on any outfit and they’ve allowed me to wear dresses without fear that my legs would be cold. I especially like these Chinese Laundry over-the-knee boots because of their wedged heel. I love high heels, but wedges are way more comfortable for my day-to-day lifestyle.

Why we still love fall style

by Sherria

The temperatures are expected to go below freezing tonight in New York. However, winter isn’t here yet.  There isn’t any snow on the ground and the orange and brown leaves are still falling off of the trees. I’m going to enjoy the fall as much as I can before December 21; the first day of the winter solstice. Other than the beautiful scenery, I love fall style. I asked a few A*cute readers what their top style picks were for fall and here’s what they came up with…

Face: Purple and Plum Lip Colors

Plum lips are super sexy during the fall and winter seasons“- says Ashlee Murph.

Main staple:

"There's something classic about blazers," says A*cute Editor, Jackie. "You can wear them with almost any outfit." (Photo taken at A*cute's Annual Clothing Exchange 2010)

A*cute picks:

blazer by sc8571a featuring a knit jacket

Boyfriend jacket, $130
Single breasted jacket, $110
Blazer, $80
Knit jacket, $52


A*cute reader, Toushi, can't get enough fur!

A*cute picks:


Michael kors coat, $175
H M vest, 30
Victoria s Secret cape coat, $126
Michael Kors faux fur vest, $130


"I first discovered this brand in France," says Toushi. "I adore these boots." --Jeffrey Campbell France Suede Boots (shopbop.com, $198)

Lauren by Ralph Lauren Shoes, Sonya Riding Boots (Macy's, $299)

My-Wardrobe.com Presents: Malene Birger Collection

Brought to you by My Wardrobe

Somewhat suddenly, the fall season is in full swing, which of course means that the winter is fast approaching, and may be extremely close depending upon what region of the world you live in. While it seems like it was so recent that we were still enjoying the summer months, the weather is about to turn cold for much of the world, which means, among other things, that it is time to start figuring out your winter fashion. Fortunately, there are already a number of high-end fashion collections being displayed online that can help you a great deal with figuring out your wardrobe for the coming season. For example, take a look at the collection by Malene Birger on my-wardrobe.com.

Headlining this collection are a couple of different cold weather options, such as the Mandu Chelsea Coat, which is an extremely attractive, heavy but fashionable coat that should keep you quite warm in the winter. This coat is essentially a uniquely styled variation on a pea coat, and should go well with a number of different winter outfits. There are also a number of other outer garment options available, including a Rufa Leopard Coat, a Double-Breasted coat, and various others.


The Malene Birger winter collection also offers a number of other garments appropriate for the cold season that is fast approaching. There is a large variety of tasteful tops, blouses, jackets and sweaters, as well as a selection of pants and leggings, all of which should suit you well come this winter. In fact, the variety of different clothing items just about make it possible for you to style your entire winter wardrobe from the Malene Birger collection alone!


Of course, purchasing these sorts of items from respected, high-end designers such as Malene Birger will cost a bit more than your typical seasonal shopping might. However, as you will see if you choose to browse this collection, you will be paying for a quality and style that simply isn’t available in any average store. Shopping from a collection like this is a great way to heighten your fashion sense and begin to establish your own personal style come wintertime. At the very least, you may simply find an item or two that you would like to compliment your existing wardrobe!

Rain won’t get me down

by Sherria


It’s a cold and rainy day here in New York City, but I won’t allow that to put a damper on my day. In the words of Soulja Boy, I “hopped up out the bed and turned my swag on” and decided to brighten up my day with orange lipstick. Although some may consider orange a summer color, I say “wear whatever color you like during whatever season you like.”

This shade of orange is from MAC Cosmetics, Morange, AC9. To get a shimmer effect, I put a MAC Lustreglass on top- both $15 from MAC.

Inspirational Morning Music!

All for you!

by Jackie

I was Janet Jackson. At least that’s what I believed when I was younger, dancing along to all of her music videos, including my near death “Pleasure Principle” chair lean disaster. Tuesday night, I relived all the days I spent in front of the TV perfecting my Janet moves, at her #1s concert in DC’s Constitution Hall. It was the best live performance I’ve ever seen. She performed 35 of her top hits, never missing a step or a note.

Her look was stunning, structured, and simple. You too can be Janet! Get her futuristic, military-inspired look with these great transition jackets from Piperlime.com. (Click on the images to buy.)

Be a part of the Rhythm Nation with this DKNY Band Leader jacket, $88.99.

The Best Things in Life are Free, but look like a million bucks with this glitzy blazer, $114.


Be in Control with this Juicy Couture jacket for $178.99.

Get great Feedback when wearing this twill jacket, $46.99.

A Little Dose of London Part II: Stay Warm ‘Fur’ Winter

Guest post by Christina Charlery 


Christina Charlery is a junior at American University; majoring in Print Journalism


Fur coats are no longer only seen paired with Rolls Royce’s and Upper East Side apartments. Finally, they’ve trickled down to our generation worn fashionably as well as inexpensively. Although the fashionistas in the States have already adopted the fur vest look, everyone and their mommas (literally!) have been rocking full fur coats over here in the United Kingdom. Whether its day, night, in the club, or in a restaurant – fur coats in London are just as common as North Faces in Brooklyn. Naturally, trends move from East to West. So, hop on the wave early so you can fashionably brave the North East’s harsh winter weather. Wearing snorkels to the club are a “no-no”, but a cute fur coat is a great alternative!

Check out this British street style picture! 


About Christina (in her own words):

I’m a junior at American University majoring in print journalism.  I was born and raised in Englewood, New Jersey, and I’m certainly enjoying my college life in D.C. Currently, I’m studying abroad in London, England and am loving every minute. In the future, I hope to work for a major lifestyle magazine or do
editorial work for an entertainment/ media company.