Break Up with Workday Stress

by Jackie

You know the feeling: Your phone keeps buzzing, every email in your inbox is marked “URGENT,” and you have to have a meeting on the way to a meeting because your calendar has less space than you did on the train ride to work. I don’t know how it happened, but at some point, we’ve accepted stress as a normal part of life. Over time, these everyday pressures can have adverse effects on how we relate to others, our productivity, and our health. Here are some of my quick fixes for stressful moments:


My BFF sent me this URL via Gchat and I have been sharing it widely ever since. Click if you dare to be calm, and enjoy relaxing scenes from nature and meditative sounds. You can choose to play the scenes on loop or select 2-, 5-, or up to 20-minute guided sessions. Put on your headphones and give yourself a moment of peace.

Take a Walk

(Photo: IG @jax1125)

Constitution Gardens, Washington, DC. (Photo: IG @jax1125)

Unless you work in a hospital, you can take a 15-minute break to take a walk away from your stressful environment and get some fresh air. Don’t forget to leave your cell phone and your iPad behind.

Make Yourself a Calendar Item

Tres Leches, Cuba Libre (Photo: iPhone5)

Tres Leches, Cuba Libre (Photo: iPhone5)

Had to eat lunch at your desk? Again? Make a date with yourself after work to indulge in something sweet. Happy hour can be fun, but the noise of it all can just add more stress to your day. Every once in a while, put some “me time” on your calendar and enjoy your own company. You’ll have something yummy to look forward to throughout the day.



by Jackie


I’m still on my shopping fast (ok, I bought like eight a couple pairs of shoes, but bear with me here), so I’ve been shopping my closet and only buying small pieces to update my wardrobe. I picked up a printed scarf for about $10 at H&M a couple of months ago in anticipation of the fall. A simple knot took a plain button-down shirt and pencil skirt to a whole other level.

One of my Instagram fashionistas decided to copy the look and made it her own with a full skirt:

Check out @enigma_tic1’s rendition of the look!



Guest Post: Tattoos in the Workplace- Are they acceptable?

by Anthony Frazier

Anthony Frazier is a Recruitment and Training Specialist. He is also obtaining a Masters Degree in Leadership and Strategic Human Capital Management from American University.

Everyone has a different way to express themselves. Tattoos have become increasingly a form of expression for Millennials or Generation Y’s.  As the country continues to move into a services economy, impression management is a major factor in securing a job.  The different business environments are becoming more progressive but it is conservative in client relations and brand management.  I use the term “business environment” loosely as regardless of the organization, they still function as a business. Visible tattoos on the forearm, neck, and face can screen out applicants because of the uncertainty of their acceptance by an organization’s customers, clients, and stakeholders.

Photo credit:

Visible tattoos can impact an employer’s perception of a candidate depending on the industry, job duties, and environment.  It is not a question of skill but a question of a cultural acceptance.  Your appearance sends a message.  If you are up for a partner position in a prestigious law firm who clients are generally conservative, it can prove problematic because the clients may create preconceived notions of the person’s ability. On the opposing side, if you are targeting an innovative graphic design house, they will more likely be open to outward expression.  During the recruitment and selection process, job seekers should try to minimize potential biases and assumptions that employers may unconsciously use as a hiring criteria.  A comparable example is earrings for men.  I personally have had my ears pierced over ten years, but I rarely wear them at work and certainly not in an interview.  I also have a coworker who has a tattoo sleeve that I recently learned about.  He is possibly one of our most professionally dressed employees but knowingly wears long sleeve shirts so that his skills and abilities, not his tattoo, are the center of attention.   

Every employee in some way, shape or form is a representative of the organization or industry that they work. In some cases, tattoos, piercing, extreme hair dye, or unkempt dress can cause a distraction.  People can become more focused on a physical appearance rather than the message being communicated.  Employers factor in the potential reaction of customers, clients, or other stakeholders when selecting hires. Although I work in a relatively relaxed workplace, we have asked employees to be aware of their appearance when attending client meetings or representing the firm.

I think tattoos are great. However, people simply need to be conscious of their placement, especially considering the industry, company, or profession they choose to work.  Tattoos are best placed in locations that can be covered up in someway whether by shirt, jewelry, pants, etc.   This allows a person to be expressive while maintaining “suitable” impression management standards, especially during interviews.  The interview is your opportunity to present you qualifications and skills.  The last thing you want is an employer to be focused on factors other that your capabilities, knowledge, and performance.  With that, I suggest people think about the career they want and the potential reaction of those stakeholders when considering tattoo placement.

Thou Shall Not Give Up Chocolate.

by Jackie

Lent is the 40-day period leading up to Easter. During this time, many people give up something they enjoy as a form of sacrifice. One Lenten season when I was younger, I gave up Snickers bars — my ultimate weakness. Nowadays, I can hardly last a week without the the chocolate-nougat-peanut-caramel version of Heaven. I have no idea how I survived 40 days without it.  Once Easter Sunday came, I was so happy to be able to eat Snickers again, that I forgot  the purpose of giving it up. Another year, I gave up shopping. You can guess how that went.

As I got older, I decided that I would no longer use Lent to deny myself of something I liked. Rather, I would use it as a time to give up a bad habit and replace it with a good one. For example, last year, I worked on being patient. Although I still can be impatient about some things, I am much better than I ever was at taking things day by day.

This year, I’m focusing on meditating and keeping a steady gratitude journal. It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind of the 9-to-5, but taking a moment to be still and silent, and having a dedicated time to give thanks is important and necessary. I think it would improve my concentration, make the work day flow easier, and give me time to reflect. Why deny myself when I can better myself?

What would your 40-day Focus be?

Neverending Summer

by Jackie

I was excited when lifestyle blogger Maxine asked me to write last week’s Fly Fabulous Friday guest post for her fab blog In a Fabulous WorldA*cute loves sharing tips on how to look fashionable without breaking the bank.  So, I gave @inafabworldblog readers tips on how to make summer wardrobe pieces translate into the fall. Continue reading

And the winner is…

by Jackie

Last night’s BET Awards had many fashion hits and misses, but one winner stood above the rest.  Host Queen Latifah looked stunning during the awards show and definitely lived up to her regal name. From her throwback to the days of U-N-I-T-Y, to her show-stopping white dress seen here in the aftershow video, she let us all know why she is the “Queen.”

Queen Latifah took us back with this ensemble reminiscent of her early 90s style. Photo Credit:

She ended the show on a bright note with this breezy white dress.

Get the Look!

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